ted kennedy

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  1. the sr senator had a stroke today.
    let's all pray for his speedy recovery.
  2. Oh no!

    He's about the same age as McCane ain't he?
  3. He's five years older, and has hammered his body for years. He's a fat alcoholic.
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  5. its whtdevil like the 1 above that make the world hates america.
  6. It makes you think. If a gym rat like Teddy can have this happen, what chance do the rest of us have?????
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    Maybe one day before he goes he'll tell everyone what really happened on that summer night in 1969 when Mary Jo Kopechne died and why he and his buddies didn't contact police until 10 hrs later.
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  9. Thank God Ted Kennedy never became President.

    I'm sure Obama, if elected, will make Teddy proud, though.
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