Ted Cruz Officially Pussified

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  1. Cruz just said this...

    "President Trump's rhetoric, I think, went way too far over the line. I think it was both reckless and irresponsible. Because he said over and over again he won by a landslide; there was massive fraud; it was all stolen everywhere.""The campaign did not prove that in any court. And to make a determination about an election, it has to be based on the evidence and so simply saying the result you want: that's not responsible and you've never heard me use language like that."

    The same vagina that stood up in Congress to contest the election because of what Trump said...

    Cruz must be a sack of shit in human clothing...
  2. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    I know this will surprise you, but I don't really agree with your analysis on Cruz's comments.
  3. Surprise that you takes sides with dickless Cruz? I dont think surprise....just wondering if that man will ever do wrong inm your eyes after trump shit onm his wife and he sucked him deep. Now that he repeated the position of trump and looked like a vagina, he is trying to make it seem like he felt that way all along.

    Dont stick up for that pussy just to argue with me..it is not a good look for you.

    In recent months, Cruz has positioned himself as one of the most prominent and vocal Trump supporters casting doubt on the election. Two days after Election Day, Cruz charged that Philadelphia officials were not allowing election observers to watch the counting of votes in the swing state, even though Trump’s lawyers conceded that they had been allowed in the room.

    In December, Trump asked Cruz if he would be willing to argue a long shot case filed by Attorney General Ken Paxton seeking to invalidate the election results in states like Pennsylvania in the event that it reached the U.S. Supreme Court. (Cruz agreed, but the high court ultimately said Texas did not have standing to bring the case.)

    And in the days ahead of Wednesday’s certification, Cruz raised concerns about how many people believed fraud had occurred in the election, without acknowledging the role he had played in encouraging those beliefs.

    But please show us all your defense for this fucktard and where you stand.
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  4. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    I don't generally post just to argue with someone. But based on your language and tone, you're spoiling for a fight. I'll not give you one. But I don't agree with your analysis on the man.
  5. Cruz indicated he had his doubts that the election was lawful...

    Cruz cannot get up and say that he did not like the rhetoric trump used while saying the same things and pushing the same narrative and then say there was no evidence of fraud

  6. Difference is I posted Cruz's own comments to support my assertion, you just piped in to disagree and then say you don't want to dispute.

    Then when asked to support your statement...... nah....dont want to fight.

    Ok France in WWII. Might have to start calling you Tsing Cruz haha...
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  7. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    call me whatever name floats your boat. I'd expect nothing less.
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    Cruz is now looking like the only person in the Senate with a spine.

    Claiming the election was bogus may be doubleplusungoodspeak but nonetheless millions upon millions of people doubt our process and doubt the outcome. Placing 20,000 troops around the capitol and erecting a wall does nothing but reinforce that doubt.
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    Translated in English...

    “There are, in the life of a nation, moments that wound its memory as well as the idea that one has of one’s country...all French citizens –must ‘recognize the mistakes of the past...’” – President Jacques Chirac, July 1995.

    “What was true of Faulkner’s South is no less true in Hollande’s France. The past is not dead; it’s not even past.” - Professor Robert Zaretsky

  10. Ok that was easy...

    Cruz basically tried to cover his ass after claiming the election results were fradulent and agreeing to argue before the SC to overturn the results. He even took a position Trumps own lawyers conceded was wrong.

    His words now that it was proven there was no fraud??? Holy 180 Batman... What a spinless piece of shit.

    I would have more respect for him if he just admitted he loved the taste of trump cock rather than try and pander now to all those upset people at his previous words.
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