Ted Cruz...lol

Discussion in 'Politics' started by RCG Trader, Mar 16, 2013.

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  2. Nancy finklestein made an ass out of herself and proving she can't answer a direct question and that the Constitutionality is the furthermost thing from her mind when engaged in ruling us commonfolk.
  3. She's a thieving Democrat, get over it. Being a thieving Democrat is a psychopath's dream: power, respect and money...

  4. why do we need 30 round magazines?

    Answer: because AWM are worried about their safety, as people who side with the devil usually are. ( Not all white men side with Satan)
  5. Remember this ad: "A mind is a terrible thing to waste".:D :D
  6. Spoken like a true AWM.:D
  7. A diseased mind and destruction of brain cells is "a terrible waste". Too much Louis Farrakhan is just as bad as too much Alex Jones.
  8. You think I side with Satan there 99cent?
  9. Liberals love to draw arbitrary lines.
    Since Sandy hook used 30 round sleeves then that must be wrong, so they want to limit it to 10 round sleeves.
    When the next mass shooting happens with 10 round sleeves they will pass a law to make a limit of 5 rounds. All along they never address the real issues.

    RCG, How to you feel about this whole debate. 72% of Blacks are killed by handguns but most of the victims of assault weapon mass murders are White.

    It seems that only when white people get killed do Obama & Co. start to pretend to care. With the Blacks handgun murder victims they don't even pretend to care.
    #10     Mar 16, 2013