Tecnofinanzas Missed Trade

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by superalf, Jan 17, 2008.

  1. superalf


    I know there are a few people following this system, so I was wondering if anyone had this same issue. Last night my two trades did not open for the EUR/USD strategy.

    The first one is opened at the beginning of the European session and the second one for the beginning of the American session. Well, neither opened for me, and to my dismay I missed a trade that made 107 pips! I'm really pissed about this, especially since Tecnofinanzas has not been doing well this week. The previous night's trade lost me 112 pips. Why couldn't that be the trade that was missed?

    I follow Tecnofinanzas on a demo trade along side my live account, so that's how I know. Did anyone else have this problem? Note that I'm using FXDD as my broker, so it might not have happened on the FXCM side.

    I feel my broker should credit me for this trade. It's not my fault there was some kind of glitch in the system. I shouldn't have to pay for it. What do you guys think?

    In this system missing a big trade like this can be critical as one trade will make up for several losses.