Techs firming up to lead the next run?

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  1. Oil is going to continue to climb and will stay at historical highs for a decade. That is a given. Inflation will continue while the weak dollar stay 's in play, which could also be a decade.

    Even with those two elements, Tech could lead the next bull run. Tech is starting to firm up. They have been beat down and eveyone has lost interest.

    Now, not every tech will return to strength however, I do believe that with in the next year or so, buying tech would be a great play.

    There will be pain, for the unemployed, poor and middle class strap'd by massive debt. Lending is going to slow if not hault to the latter groups of individuals. It will be a bad situation for them.

    However, not all are in that situation and I beleive the Market will be an asset for those who can play it.

    The Fed has proven they sell out the Dollar and Country to keep the market on track.

    Why not take advantage of it. It has forced this Bear to re-think my future outlook and position.

    GOOD TIMES AHEAD For the select few.
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    Refreshing to see a smidgin of optimism from you EMR, I imagine that you must be quite relieved that the world isn't going to end after all :)
  4. MVIC, lol.....yeah. It hit me that the "LOOTERS" in the WASHINGTON belt way will not allow the "WORLD TO END" right now.

    As the smoke clears and we start to see some blue skys, it dawned on me....Yep, many people are fUBAR'd. However, if you are not in that realm, then good times are ahead.

    I guess it comes down to the LAWS OF ATTRACTION.

    The majority will bring about their own demise because they do not correct their assumptions.
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    my qqqq 45 puts certainly agree with you.
  6. Tech only emerges after a bull-run is in ful swing. Kind of hard to "fund" the tech industry when banks aren't lending.

    Tech won't shoot up until after the financials are well on the way to recovery. The financials are the first to every bull market party.
  7. lol you're wrong

    Tech companies don't need bank financing. Intel, micrsoft, google and other tech companies don't need banks.
  8. are clueless. You think Intel, Microsoft, Google are representative of the tech industry as a whole? You think the other 99% of tech companies have monopolies that give them cash flowing out of their ears?

    Welcome to the real world where only a very few companies in the tech world have excess cash to blow. The small cap tech companies are what drive growth. Your "investment" in Google, Microsoft and Intel will probably net you 11% annually over the next 5 years as opposed to small tech companies that will net 15%+ when the next bull market hits and banks are ready to give high risk loans again.
  9. btw stock_trad3r...I've seen your knowledge of the markets demonstrated around here. Your knowledge and understanding of economics and finance amount to the same education that a 7th grader has. Nothing more.
  10. Wrong again...

    The nasdaq 100 consists of large cap, mostly profitable tech companies. Small caps have very little impact on the movement of the nasdaq, whereas nasdaq 100 companies do.
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