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  1. I thought it might be worthwhile to start a thread where people can post links to sites that offer lesser known software, hardware, technology or general tools that may be of interest to other traders. Here are a few on my links. If anyone else has any of their own, feel free to add to this list.

    Dual wan routers that manage 2 cable or DSL connections for redundancy: - HotBrick VPN600: Dual WAN Router Twin WAN Router
    Versa Technology, Inc - MH200 - Dual WAN Router with 4 Port 10-100 Switch: - Zero One Technology: AF420B Dual WAN Firewall Router - Hawking Technologies: Dual WAN Routers FR24
    Astrocom PowerLink: - Nexland - Firewalls that support IPSEC & NAT
    (Nexland Pro turbo800 appears to be no longer available)

    Setting up multiple monitors: - Hardware/Hardware - Multi head Video cards.html

    Multimonitor stands: panel monitor arms/ds series.asp

    Multimonitor graphics cards:

    Give your laptop dual screen capability:

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  6. Software for tell you if your internet connection has gone down. Has audible alerts.

    Any speed by Pysoft
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    Looking for some hardware for the new year and came across this excellent thread. Thought some of you might want to look at it again.