Technology Impact On World Economy

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  1. If, the U.S. allowed a release of classified fuel cell technology, that would allow a car to drive 500 miles without recharging (Hydro or DC). What do you think would be the immediate and near term impact on Global markets.

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    What makes you think there is "classified" information? If you know, then how'd you find out if its "classified"? Or, are you just speculating that there may be "classified" information?
  3. Immediate? Probably nothing. The first car would be produced in about a decade and it would be so expensive the average consumer wouldn't buy it. There are already superior technologies for automobile propulsion available now that have negligible impact on the global markets. People buy what is economical to them at the time of purchase and valuation is determined based on sales projected not terribly far in the future.

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    wasn't there this man who recently raced across the desert faster than a jet? that's faster than 500 mph and I still can't afford an automobile