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  1. I think I am offering a pretty unique opportunity. I am a professional developer with many years of experience working in HFT. My experience is basically full stack from UI down to strategy and gateway. I recently received some crypto currency, a product that I have longed viewed as a scam. But given this "gift" I vowed not to cash out. So I basically am in the process of building a trading stack (non HFT of course) for putting this gift to work. I recognize that the strategy/trading side is where I lack experience and therefore I am looking to team with someone who is good at trading particularly, quantitative and volatility style trades.

    I can build you custom UIs, algorithmic strategies hooked up to a broker or exchange using REST/FIX/Binary API, and data capture for research/replay. It is obvious that such functionality is easily worth easily $100s if not $1000s a month. But I am not selling anything and will not ask for any money EVER. I get paid enough. I am looking for a partner who has vision to build something big. You need custom tailored tech, I need custom tailored strategies tuned to my tech and risk tolerances. You focus on alphas the technology will be a given!
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    Yeah, TRUE HFT technology right there! :p
  6. Though to be serious, as a techie, my alpha ramp up is so fucking slow that I understand where OP is coming from. I'm slowly coming to the realization that I need to trade 10-20 instruments at a time in order to be reasonably predictable. Fucking sucks.
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    Don't we all!?
    I got no strategies to offer, so you can ignore my question. What "something big" do you have in mind? To me, big is generic and custom is small.