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    I have gotten several private messages about my Technology In Trading book. This book is the collection of all my Futures Magazine articles going back to 1995. I have uploaded the Table of Contents for this book . This book is published under an agreement with Futures Magazine which is why I can't upload articles in PDF form. You can see that over the past decade I have covered almost every area of technical analysis. Download the Table of Contents, it might give you ideas of questions to ask me.

    Let's use this thread to discuss any question you have about my past Futures Magazine articles or any idea you would like to see in Future Articles.

    Here is the link to the book.
  2. I own Cybernetic Trading and was wondering how much overlap there is in the series of articles.

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    The overlap is minimum. Cybernetic trading strategies really covered my work from 4/94 to 6/97. My Technology in Trading book cover though 2004, that is another seven years of material and research. I would say the overlap is less than 25%, with more than 75% percent new material.
  4. Do you have any specials for a bundle of the Opening Range Breakout video and the Technology in Trading book??
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  6. I just had a look at the table of contents and saw the 'Case Study Game Theory' article series mentioned. I had read it a few years ago and still think that some of the things you mentioned back then are brilliant.

    What do you think; will human traders indeed be replaced by some 'automated trading robots' in the not so distant future? I've read some stuff about game theory, and just vaguely imagining all the mathematically quantifiable strategic edges that could result from it, it sends me a cold shiver down the back...

    Also, what do you think is the role game theory plays in the hedge fund world these days? Especially when I follow the major currency markets, I can't bear the impression that hedge funds are using systems based upon game theory rather than simple mechanical indicators as the crowd uses.

    How come almost everyone is looking for a statistical edge rather than a strategical?
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    Game theory is an area of market analysis, which as been little studied, which was one reason that I addressed it in an article.
    You ask why are people looking for a statistical edge not an strategical one? Well the answer is that "Game Theory" requires understanding the model. Your results are totally based on your assumptions of initial conditions, problem constraints and probabilities.

    A game theory approach to trading is really the next level beyond a premised based system development approach. The problem is most people don't want to make the effort to understand how to develop systems using a premise-based approach.

    The future of game theory in trading is understand and building models based on mass psychology. These types of models need to be based on the assumption that the markets are a process to redistribute wealth from many people back to a few. This assumption is hard to accept, since it shows that most traders lose money. In addition fundamental forces must also be incorporated into these models.

    I am happy you were able to make use of what you learned from my articles. People like you are one of the reasons that I write them.