Techno-Psychological Setups

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  1. I trade price action. Nothing new in that, but i am starting this thread because i need to share something:

    A setup that has no psychological reason behind is prone to failure.

    Because when you try to find a setup, you should be actually looking to gauge an emotional state that has a repercussion.

    Price is not the cause and effect although it is a reflection.

    Emotions are both the cause and the effect.

    Price reflects emotions.

    The clearer price action is, the clearer the emotions and therefore the higher the probability of an outcome.

    You can try to identify:
    -enthusiasm (when trading with the trend)
    -exhaustion (when trying to trade against the trend)
    -indecision (when price is consolidating)

    Each one of these emotions will ilkely produce:
    -an anticipated outcome such as a 50% pullback
    -greed (failure to retrace and a fast breakout of the most recent resistance in an uptrend)
    -panic (when an anticipated outcome turns ugly or when there's a surprise move for most of the participants)

    your input here ....
  2. oh... i forgot... swing analysis has always been about identifying emotions... in case you didn't know :)

    We've got another Psycho-babble thread by a skill-less insecure trader.
  4. ok. this is useless.
    be well all of you.

    this is my last post on ET.
    there's no point in sharing anything with a bunch of losers.
  5. Seriously... this thread is funny.

    "Theoretically, starting with Freud...", emotions are feedbacks from the sub-conscious mind.

    So the original poster thinks, for some reason, that he knows what the market is doing, or what the market will do sub-consciously. So he consciously turns his mind to gain stronger feedback from his sub-conscious. Meaning, he's intentionally, trying to become a brainless sap.

    Or is there some some psychic ability that comes into play when you can turn off the limiter, being the conscious mind? I have no idea...

    I know I am not a psychic. I've been in this business for quite sometime but I've never met one. For some reason, I get to read about these psychic wannabes in books and on the internet, alot.

    Funny people. A breed of traders trying to be brainless psychics...
  6. Umm, that's kinda harsh, LOL.

    I'm sorry you're leaving, because you're threads are interesting, but you shouldn't take yourself so seriously.

    You've made some interesting comments, there is a lot of truth to them, and believe it or not, the guy with rockhard military level discipline is going to come out the supreme winner in this game, so there's a lot of truth to what you're saying here.

    Thanks for your comments.
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    bwa... are you a refugee from yahoo finance chat.
    the op has raised serious issues.

    consolidation is not the result of indecision. it represents a temporary equilibrium between buyers and sellers.
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    maybe u can do the same. how are u going to prove it?
  10. This thread is funny.

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