TECHNO fans--opinion please

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  1. if you are a fan of techno, i would like your opinion on a group called "death in vegas" listen to "scorpio rising" . it has to be some of the best techno / rock i have heard in a long time. check it out !


  2. Well... creative site... but couldn't find the song you mentioned - or any song at all except for something called the "Adrian Sherwood Mix" that didn't immediately grab me. I've got it on right now. It's still not grabbing me. Well, it picks up a bit. Uh, still not transporting me to distant galaxies... Not much of a groove or a beat - well, some... Kind of muddy dub... Ganga this, marijuana that...

    I dunno...
  3. ok..i dunno if this qualifies as techno......but it is close enough and it sounds cool.

    "trance awake" by lacuna coil

  4. kymar,

    thanks for trying ! you listened to the wrong thing , click on the yellow piece to the left of center on the link. this will take you to a page with "scorpio rising" soundtrack. let me know !

  5. Scorpio rising doesn't sound like it's techno.

  6. how would you define the cd ??


  7. Alternative rock, though some of their stuf is apparently more technoid than the rest. Some reminds me of old Wax Trax units like My Life with the Thrill Kill Cult and Revolting Cocks, though it's generally still more "human" than MLTKC and RevCo tended to be. Their songs in conjunction with the aesthetic of their web site also make me think of the Butthole Surfers and White Zombie.

    I'd say techno includes arty, largely or entirely synthetic and sampled stuff - like the Orb or Autechre or Chemical Brothers - as well as club music which tends to feature vocals and dance beats. The two can overlap a lot, and some units are more focused on a particular style or approach than others. Some people call something "techno" if it employs drum machines and lots of sampling, doesn't feature electric guitars, and isn't Hip-Hop.

    Anyway, to me, the typical techno sound is oriented towards creating a "soundscape" through layered arrangements of synthetic and sampled sounds. I don't get that from most of the Death in Vegas cuts I checked out.
  8. thee olde al jourgenson and genesis p. orridge industrial sound. thanks for the memories !


    surfer :)
  9. If you want some really unique music, go to Kaaza and look for songs by "Gotan Project." Then check out some of the cool songs from the Amelie soundtrack.
  10. thanks, aphie. i'll check it out !

    surf :)
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