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    Starting another technical trading journal for the purpose of sharing and discussing trading based on technical analysis.

    The purpose of this thread is not just post every trade, but more demonstrate the best trading setups in a systematic manner, so everyone else is welcome to participate and discuss this topic.

    Just one condition: it would be the best to post charts with some sort of proof that setup is really taken (like Oanda's historical or realtime buy/sell/order visualizations I use), at least on demo account, to avoid "hindsight" accusations and similar negativity.

    My favorite vehicle is EURUSD spot forex pair so most of charts will be related to this market.

    I will mostly post links to my blog entries instead of just charts, to keep things more systematized.

    OK, let's start, Euro already demonstrated a very nice setup today, which I call "backside of the trendline".
  2. It was H2 at ema in AlBrooks terminology.
    Are you taking the next one too? (It is just developing...)
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    No, didn't take that one, despite it turned out good indeed, but upside momentum looked pretty strong to take the 1st entry down.
  4. I took it.
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  5. Oh, Im gonna love this thread, thanks for doing this.

  6. Don't want to hijack your thread but another Brooks type of scalp:
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  7. My favorite setup - not always easy to see in real time - this one is from hindsight- but if you can catch one of these, the R:R is usually awesome !

    The entry is a short at the intersection of both trendlines. Also note the measured / two legged move of ~ 17 pips to the intersection.

    You need to have a feel for the trend, AUS/USD was obviously in a down trend and the last higher high was and overexstended move.

    On the 15 min TF you also would have seen a divergence in the Stoch. I believe that you don't need to watch for them though, with some training you can see the "divergence" directly in the charts.

    Now how wide could the stop have been ? See for yourself and calculate the R:R.

    I would never want to trade with a 20 pip stop.
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    You are welcome to post as much as you wish.
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  10. what about the 1-2-3 setup that failed about 30 or so bars back (around 17:30 on your chart). It also broke a trendline.

    But...nice after-the-fact setup that you posted.
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