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  2. LMAO Trader28, I don't give a crap about AHG and I can't, don't want to, don't need to, and don't trade it to save my life. I care about people talking crap about anekedoten, but that story has played itself out as well.

    The SPM Disccusssions thread served its purpose, and now I am working on making my SPM based trading system part of my core psychological belief system, as it's the "easiest" road to riches that anyone is going to find around here (hope that makes you happy and you stop calling me a moron, as it certainly makes me happy.) :D

    Point-in-fact, it's so easy that you have to just focus on what the charts are telling you and stop trying to over think it ...

    ... Whereas Jack Hershey and his "trading system (using the term losely) is overcomplicated stuff that requires way too much thinking for most people to trade successfully. It holds aboslutely no intrest for me whatsover ever, so I have no reason to keep talking about him (it's probably the same with a few other posters too, I might add).

    In short, I don't care about what those people do. I care about me; what works for me; what is good for me; what profits me.

    SPM gives me a technical base to operate from, now I'm laying the psychological base and mental discipline.

    Hope that helps.

    Happy Holidays
  3. Let us know when you take your first trade, Neoxx.

    Until then, this thread is just 200 pages of paper-trading bullshit. :eek:
  4. Neoxx, impressive dedication hardware and charting, but a quick question, if I may. Are you trading live? Couldn't tell from the mass of postings. Thanks.
  5. You are very welcome. Knowing that, I will spend some time sampling your posts from the beginning. I am interested because you are following a very different path than I did to learn to trade. That is not a criticism, just an observation.

    For example, before I made a large investment in trading infrastructure, I decided that I had to at least first make enough profits after commissions to pay for the internet connection, the charting service, and the depeciation on a cheap laptop. As this is on the order of $250 per month, that in itself is a tall hurdle to get over.

    So to prove to myself that I could make a go of it, I needed to make maybe $15 per day in real trading. Otherwise I would have to admit to myself that trading was an obsession at best or a money-losing hobby at worst.

    I have some other observations I would like to share with you, if this first post survives moderation, helpfully intended though it is. My hope is that we can have a dialogue, as I have gone successfully where you want to go, if not with the methods you want to use. You no doubt will be warned privately or publicly that you should not talk with me, or worse, be protected from yourself by moderation from doing so. My methods are Socratic, and therefore considered quite dangerous by ET. Best regards.
  6. Neoxx


    Thanks for your concern.

    I suspect that the path I am following is very different, not only to the path you followed, but that which the vast majority embark upon. This one treads not just on land, but air and water too, with a destination as far outside the normal bounds of consciousness as the aforementioned seasonal character.

    Vanishingly few from this board have ever conceived of this destination, and even fewer have reached it.

    While I appreciate the sentiments, my course is unbending.
  7. Best of luck on your course. Kindly fire off a flare when you go live. Your results will be enlightening to us all.
  8. A trader has no need of relaxation aids if he has a system or systems which work reliably and whose entries and exit decisions do not cause him anxiety. Then the opposite may be a problem: you may need something to relieve the boredom (this is the function of ET). In the ideal case the market flows from one recognizable edge to the next so that you always see what is coming and are rocking back and forth with it in hypnotic rhythm, or calling the next event, bobbing your head, or singing along with it. Then 405 minutes pass without stress or fatigue. In my day we called it grooving. But alas, the digital age has no grooves. In trading nirvana, the market itself is the relaxation aid. But let it also be noted that there are people who relieve trading anxiety by endlessly analyzing and never trading.
  9. Sorry, LJY, I didn't catch the one trade per day bit, I read threads backward like a magazine and never made it to the beginning it was so interesting. But ebenso I offer that relaxation through knowledge of continuously evolving edges (sounds perilously close to SCT) keeps you confident that the day is not about to make a complete retrace. In which case I might change my mind and take TWO trades. IMO staying IN a trade to the ideal exit is harder that entering it. So I like to keep up a little line of muttered patter like:

    "Whoa! Momo breakout oif the AM rannge!"

    "Unhunh! Requisite retrace to the BO!"

    "Sneaky! Back inside the AM range!"

    "Big momo BO again!"

    "What did Jack call wild rides like this!"

    "Oh crap! Morning exhaustion! Now why the hell did it stop THERE?"

    "Shakeout time! Get ready to draw that flag channel!"

    "Keep your Elliot count sharp!"

    "Finally and at fucking last it broke the flag channel!"

    Well, you get the picture. Like soap operas, there are only so many plots available to fill the day that a gullible public will get into.
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