technical Strategies ! What is most important ?

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  1. Technical Strategies ! What is most important !

    Hi traders,

    just say you have clear good patterns to trade, so how do you enter this pattern in detail ?

    What are the most important things in technical strategies ?
    Please, just talk about the entry situation for the strategies.

    -> different time frames
    -> timing
    -> best possible entry price

    What else ?

    what is more important, timing or price ?

    i think its the timing in the lower time frames of the higher pattern time frame.
    For a clear entry scenario there must all time frames, starting from the pattern time frame to the lower time frames, must all be on your side with a clear pattern in the pattern. & all energies must come together on your side, then the price will move to fullfill the pattern on the higest time frame.

    What else is important ?

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    here is the one and only clue I will give you for asking the right question. lose the noise(time) and your pattern will work, good luck.
    ps. the reason you worry about entry its because you afraid pattern will fail. Once you know it won't fail then entry is not a big concern.
  5. Thank you for reply.

    Actually i answered all my questions by myself. i just thougth, "maybe i can get some interesting other views than my ones".

    I believe, that there are not many traders who trade the style i do, but in a similar way all pro traders do the same way, otherwise price could not to this moves it does.

    to your answer:
    i dont agree. I see patters to build themself up and fail by not correct timing and pattern in pattern on the lower time frames.
    I only have an 100% pattern if every energy & time frame is right, because then there is no energy against that direction. It is the holy law of the lowest resistance, its a nature law. I like that relations to nature science. :)

    Of course most time, the master pattern signals will rule the move, but not all the time. And when you go in that trade is the most important. "When" is everything. Price is only important on a specific entry level, where the risk/win ratio is good enough for risking your holy money.

    So for my trading, it is absolutely time. Time is the most important thing. When i go in, yeah when ??? (by the way, its better to enter a little bit later, than entering exact when you think it s the time to go in. To go in to early is a big mistake, and very bad trading.)

    This is very important, because my styles are like a brain surgery. if i do anything wrong, in time or price, i will loose the patient and my license.:p

    It s like a micro universe in a macro universe. And i have a pattern on the macro and search & wait for patterns in the micro universe.
    Unil they all fit together. THEN price moves. It must its the law of lowest resistance. there is no other way, you know it & i know it.
    isnt the market beautiful, like flowers on a green sunny field in the middle of a dark forest. Ohh i need my coffee.

    Could there be a better way to trade than make a combination of two MASTERS. 1 = Master in stochastik mathematics statistical numbers mysterium.
    & 2 = Master in price pattern behaviour grafical chart, price in time mysterium.

    that would be the master of the 36 chambers of shaolin.
    Go into yourself there is the answer, doesnt matter what is the question. (i am stupid, i know, i am sorry, so sorry.)

    Im out a here, this forum bores me. sorry.

    All a good career.:mad: :D :mad: :D :mad:
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    what is important?
    well, for almost every trader the #1 thing is to experience no drawdown.

    its impossible, but people love to be delusional.
    aside from this
    you just need to limit losses and profit as much as possible from trends
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  10. I haven't read that whole book but I have seen several excerpts around. How good is a pattern without well-defined exits? How subjective are the patterns in that book? What is the expectancy of those patterns? How does it change with the various markets?

    Since you are recommending the book, have you found any answers to these questions?

    Patterns with win rates just over 55% and R:R close to 1 are useless and as a matter of fact dangerous for the well being of traders IMO.
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