Technical Reasoning for Last 30 Minutes

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  1. The target for this inverse H&S was approximately 936.30, it went about a point (plus or minus fractions of point) above this level. Shot straight up there like a rocket. Nice setup. Necesito una cerveza. Buenos noches amigos.
  2. Where did you go long?
  3. What charting package or broker is that ?
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    honestly,how do you trade off TA with 30 mins left in the day and this insane market.If you rely on TA for trading the last hour or much of this market you must be getting killed or lucky.Its pretty much a crap shoot all the way if youre relying on TA.
  6. If that was your idea of a joke, you might want to take the balls out of your mouth, cause I couldn't quiet hear the point you were trying to make. You're a douchebag. See the chart, son.
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  8. if you waited to see the h&s formed you lost 75% of the move
  9. Right, see the second chart, I entered at the local minima, and sold at what I thought was a double top, and ensuing rollover. I was not going to let this market move -20pts against me into the close. I booked the coins, and within the next 10-15, I saw the H&S about to blow. I guess it's the proverbial "one that got away" from me.
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    I bot CAT at 37.62 @ 12 22pm after a nice sudden selloff it continued to drop and after about 10mins i got out at the first sign of a good bounce cuz it didnt rebound fast enough and i thought the selloff would get worse.CAT ended up about 80cents from where i sold-goddamn.But that is the risk/volatility of trading last hour.
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