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  1. Let's say someone came up with a very powerful trading system that requires the fastest connection possible to all major exchanges. This would include places like Philadelphia, Chicago and New York.

    First, I am wondering what a direct connection to CME would cost? Also, would it be advantageous for one to move to a location that was at some midpoint between the three most major areas (including Chicago and New York).

    How much would a leased line into New York and Chicago run, and how many milliseconds would it shave off a standard internet connection?
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    That is a T-1 line. It is like instant. Call the phone company.
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    For fees info here the link:

    $200 min for the software, $1000 min for the bandwith

    You'd need to be a size player for an infrastructure of that capacity.
    I'd rather pay $1600 + for the Bloomberg Professional Service than extra fast access to the exchange. That's valuable information worth paying for right there.
  5. When you interview with a firm, find out if their lines run direct to the exchanges or if they route their orders through another server somewhere else.

    For you to get a line directly into the exchange would probably require you to lease a seat on the exchange and be a broker dealer. And the costs run into the 100's of thousands. That is the case for the NYSE, and I can't see why it would be different for the other exchanges.