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  1. Darshan


    I'm having an issue regarding my news feed on the Lightspeed Trading platform.

    I recently installed new anti-virus software but something I did seems to be blocking data for my DJ News on the lightspeed platform.

    I've spent the last four hours installing, uninstalling and reinstalling the platform.

    I've unistalled all anti-virus software on my computer.

    I've tried lowering internet security but it won't allow me to go any lower then medium, it says "the recomended security for this zone is medium." I'm thinking this might be the issue. Does anyone know how to override this?

    Next step will be formatting my entire computer and purchasing and reinstalling a new operating system. I'm REALLY hoping it won't come to that.

    Any and all help would be great. It's racking my brain and frustrating the hell out of me.

  2. There is typically an option to selectively allow exceptions for certain websites on your firewall or security.
  3. Darshan


    I noticed that. But would that block data feed from my lightspeed?
  4. why would it block it?
    Try it just to see what it does first.
  5. Darshan


    I have no idea where the feed for my lightspeed is coming from. I'll give them a call and see what they say.
  6. It is possible to block specific web sites by modifying the hosts.txt file. You might Google hosts file modification windowsXX for more information.
  7. LeeD


    Usually an antivirus comes with software firewall as mentioned by other posters. Depending on the antivirus, the firewall may block any software form accessing internet by default unless the user explicitely permits. So, if you clicked the default "block" button some time firewall may continue blocking this particular software (such as data feed client).

    Try finding the permission list for software application in the antivirus configuration and give permissions to whatever executable provides data feed.

    Further. some data feeds provide connection for data requests via windows sockets. In other words, the data feed client may work as a local web-server and may need permission to accept connections.
  8. OP, try turning off your antivirus and windows firewall and see if it works. Next keep AV off and turn on windows firewall.

    Sounds like you either need to make a program/port exception in windows firewall or turn off/modify your antivirus install by either removing/disabling a portion of it or by creating a trusted program exception.

    Call your broker and ask them if there is a specific program (a .exe file) or port that DJ News works.
  9. great posts everybody
  10. good look with Lightspeed Trading,
    I hated those guys and their lack of service
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