Technical pattern to recommend?

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    hi I'm a swing trader, ranging from 2 days to 1 to 3 weeks the most.

    Have been up from 10k to 16k in 1 year. Till stupid June and July comes... Now down to 11k. Reducing my exposure now, no margin, all cash.

    I have been using relatve strength to make from 10k to 16k, meaning if market fall, the stock hold well, i buy. So bull market is fine. But when Bear market comes, i see this stock holds well during bear market, so i buy. But when bear market goes up, my stock falls!

    Unlike bull market, when stock falls, this stock with relative strength stays, if market up, it will go up.

    So now using technical analysis instead to play swing, anyone want to recommend any good pattern to play?
  2. Instead of swing try cha-cha-cha.
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    no he needs to try the waltz
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    Very amusing.
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    Try any real technical patterns. Buying oversold/relative stength doesn't work in bear markets, that is, if stocks are selling off while indicies rally, the market is telling you something.

    I think you were smart to go to cash and stop using margin. Most people revenge trade their way to 0.
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    Not that i'm smart, I just want to survive, i cannot afford to lose more, else I'll be out of game.

    No, I bought when there is bear market, and the stock is stable, but later when the bear market reverse to bull, the one i bought drops :(

    I did revenge during june which cost me few thousand bucks :(

    Lots of interesting stuff to read here in this forum :)

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    Thanks for recommending chachacha trading, i'll try it. Try also lambada trading, good and sexy
  8. Here are a few of the more popular, JAP candlesticks ( I absoulutlety refuse to use them, just on principle), Head and Shoulders, and of course the 'Fifth Wave".
    Myself, I always wait for a twin peAKed areole with a massive V formation underneath to appear,,, then I go for it.

    Rennick out
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    so if your stock drops when the markets rally what does that tell you? If you are a seller with quantity what do you need to dump your stock without killing the price?
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