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    I was wondering if someone with computer background can tell me if this is possible.
    I haven't received any reponse from my broker to my e-mails for 2 weeks, and when I complained, I was told that they actually responded to both, and that my mailserver is giving them time outs when they try to trace it. But I receive my trade confirmations from them by e-mail daily with no problems. Also, I opened another account with them recently, and their representative contacted me by e-mail, and I received the e-mail without delay.
    My question is:
    Is it possible, that I can't receive e-mail from their customer service and tech support, but can receive my daily confirmations???
    It seems strange to me...
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    yes and your check is in the mail as well
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  3. Mail servers do suffer from problems sometimes. Some cannot handle a lot of traffic and crash or bog down. My ATT cable email server goes down religiously at certain hours and I can't even retrieve my emails.

    That said based on your entire post I'd say that's a line of crapola.

    Open up a hotmail account (free) and correspond with them through it for a couple days. If your missing emails are automated confirmations change your official email addy with them to the hotmail account. If you still don't receive your emails THERE you can ask them the odds of Microsoft's hotmail server and your own ISP server suffering the exact same problem at the exact same time vs. hitting the powerball numbers this week. :D

    Don't leave the Hotmail account as permanent. It’s not the place to be permanently exchanging finance info.
  4. You may want to check tour Reply To: field in your mail client setup. I used to put a bunch of crap around my address to keep spammers away. Only problem is that all my friends got really pissed off because they would have to edit my address when they clicked on reply. This might explain why the other emails go through, but replies don't.

    Also, If your broker can forward the "Bounced" email message to you via another email route, you may be able to see what the problem is.

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    Sounds really strange, I'd give em some serious heat about that.
  6. PXG


    Thanks everybody for your suggestions.
    They are looking into this.
    But it's really strange.
    I am able to receive e-mails from the support on another e-mail address.
    My Reply To address was correct.
    They are not getting any Bounced e-mail messages from my "problem" address.
    I receive statements on my "problem" address from them daily, just not any e-mails from customer/tech support.
    We'll see.
    Thank again.
  7. What is the error message?

    Tell them to post it here (On EliteTrader). It's starting to sound like they are yanking your chain. If they can't produe a record of the error, then they probably didn't reply.

    Remember, Most brokers are like insurance companies - they don't give a damm about you, they just want your money.

  8. NiteRider,

    What's wrong with using Hotmail with brokers?

    "Don't leave the Hotmail account as permanent. It’s not the place to be permanently exchanging finance info"

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    I assume this line is in response to this thread:

    This turned ugly really quick. I appreciate that PXG wanted a second opinion; I often want one myself. I’m actually posting for a couple of reasons.

    A few people seemed to jump up with unconstructive criticism immediately; others tried to help. That’s cool; people like blowing off steam and whatnot, that’s what a message board is for. A some of it was really out of place.

    The one I’d like to address is:
    “Tell them to post it here (On EliteTrader).” Is the first thing; this is a not a support forum, hence, why IB put their own up. If IB customers want an explanation for a technical problem, looking on their discussion forum or support area would be the best place to check.

    The other reason I’m posting is to thank PXG. Bringing something like this to our attention rather than just going away and thinking we don’t care is something I suspect not many people do. If someone thinks something’s not right, it’s easy to complain to others about it rather than trying to get it fixed. Giving us the chance to find and rectify the problem gets their questions answered and, hopefully, their problems solved.

    As for Insurance Companies, mine called me the other day to let me know they found a discount I was eligible for . . . the operative word in BullFighter’s post is “most”. Try to keep an open mind. =)
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    I had no idea that the above thread existed. I aslo did not know that the broker was IB. None the less, it still would not change my advise or my opinion.

    I don't know how long you have been reading the EliteTrader board, but you will notice that this board is all about people helping other people. Obviously, this is your first post. This is a support forum - Traders supporting other traders.

    If you did some research and read my other posts, you would know that I strive to help others that post their problems on the board. I also like the fact that others reply to my posts and give me advise and help.

    The reason that I suggested posting the error on this forum was to further debug the problem.

    I have no quam with IB. My advise still stands.

    However, if I was your superior, I would repremand you for going off half cocked while representing the company on a public forum. You are wrong!

    I don't think that most posters would argue with this statement. Yes, the operative word is most. That's why I put it there.

    As, far as solving the technical problem is concerned, tell your technical people to call me. I will be glad to help them solve it. Naturally, I will charge my ususal consulting fee.

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