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    Hi there,

    currently I am working on a new technical model - one part of it should benefit from predicting the amplitude of the price change of the market (German Bundfuture). I am however struggling with the fact that I cannot predict the rise in volatility properly. I am interested in being able to forecast whether the market volatility increases or not. Just to clarify, I am not interested in the direction of the price change, just in the extent of it.
    Maybe a small example will help:
    We are currently trading at 111.93 in the German Bundfuture. If the price of the Bundfuture in 1 Month time is still at or around that level I don't want to get a signal, if however the Bundfuture trades at 109 or 114 I would like to get a signal.
    Does anyone know any reasonable technical indicator for this? I tried a lot already. If you have any further questions I am happy to answer them. :confused:

    FYI I also posted this thread in another forum on this site, as I don't know if Options is the right topic.

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  2. I remember reading in natenberg's book (chapter 4), that we can predict the probability of where the stock price will be in future by using the stocks' volatility (standard deviation).
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    iv'e found ROC helpful to some degree giving volatility a value. i have noticed on flat days or days with very narrow range/low volatility (S & P eMini 5 minute charts), ROC values will usually stay contained within 1.7 to -1.7 range. when volatility picks up it will break out of this area.

    not sure it helps you any.
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    7-4 is a really nice example of this.