Technical case for the top being in?

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by swtrader, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. what say you, armchair pundits, flamers and spammers?

    20 month moving avg on the spx has been a lot more right than wrong
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  3. dow
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  4. and elliot wave says this is the top

    (although the alternate wave count says it's not - LOL!!!!!)
  5. This thread isn't even worth commenting on. As for Prechter, he's been short the S&P since August 5th and his "followers" are totally underwater. :D
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    Two words ---->>> Surf's Up. At some point surf won't be up but currently, surf's up.
  7. QLD Projection: 47.904989355737 QLD Close: 51.2999992370605
    QLD Projection: 52.076364066384 QLD Close: 51.2999992370605
    QLD Projection: 50.3527623494467 QLD Close: 51.2999992370605
    QID Needs to drop 0.106575063209566%
    Up Threshold is $ 22.9744597407592 on QID
    65.5430711610487% of the time we, have been fairly valued in PTQQS

    Looks like QLD still has some room to run, and when tomorrow comes and we keep rallying, I'm sure QLD will be predicted to go even higher.
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    We are within spitting distance of DOW 10,000, only 150 points away today from today's high. No way are they going to let it get this close and not push it over. Barring some unforseen disaster, you can probably write 10,000 in the books... after that... we'll see.
  9. but, you did anyway, didnt you

    well, landis, you count as both a flamer and a spammer

    (my comment about elliot wave was meant to be a JOKE)

    the 20 month moving ave was serious though
  10. We are at point 3.
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