Technical Analyst 1,580% Gain

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  1. I smell a fish here...that article looks more like an advertisement that actual news.
  2. Syprik


    "The same type of pattern that happened in commodities this summer happened with the dot-coms in 2000," Lansing said. "And according to this pattern, there's a 95% chance it would repeat."

    - Would be interested in how one quantifies and extracts a precise probability from a chart pattern. Too funny. If he produced such a return, good work. But was it on a small $50k account or working with 7+ figure? Major difference in skill.
  3. "This week, Lansing cleared his positions and went to cash because the Dow hit his downside target of 9800."

    He covered right before the crash.

    Too bad this article wasn't written a week later. That way he could have said he covered when the DOW hit his downside target of 8000.

  4. bespoke


    why does nobody think i'm a genius when i turn 100 into 1500 at the craps table after a hundred rolls.... same thing, no?
  5. bespoke i think your a genius....
    i also think its smart to walk away from the table with your 1500 to make sure they dont realize you swaped the dice for trick ones.

    as for lang there is alot of HIGH % one hit wonders out there who did the right thing at the right time... made a fortune and people turned them into geniuses ...

    in my portfolio analysis class in college we used a program called stocktrak to compete for highest% in trading.... well after realizing a pattern in stock traks programming that let me look for highly volatile stocks buy in the lag and buy into the lag 15 min exactly i turned 100,000 portfolio in 57,000,0000 in a month and 1/2 going 100% leverage available everytime hahaha

    my teacher was so blown away by the fact of the huge % i made in that time he asked me my strat and i told him that if i told him he would probably write a book publish my secrets and i wasnt going to let that happen i told him id write the paper that goes with it but i wouldnt let my secrets go...

    haha never told him i just found and exploited a bug i dunno if he caught on later or what but was funny

    im a one hit wonder with at the time no skill and i made a high%