Technical analysis won't make big investor?

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  1. My friend told me: Warren Buffet doesn't do charting and technical analysis, other richest men all over the world don't do this.

    So charting and technical analysis don't have scalability?

    You won't be able to run a 10Billion hedgefund based on technical analysis? Or will you?

    Any take on this?
  2. Warren Buffett doesn't need technical analysis during a bull market. During a bear market, he will have wished he had used it. :cool:
  3. You shouldnt listen to your friends - what do they know about your business?

    Technical analysis is about risk management. And good risk management is only limited by how liquid the market is.

    But anyways, ask your friend, he should know better.
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    his holding
  5. Let's imagine one day you become a big investor, you manage a 10B hedgefund, how do you apply technical analysis?
  6. Yes. My take is you should do more critical thinking, researching and reading, and less posting.
  7. They just play a different time frame, play weeks and monthly charts instead of daily and 15 minutes charts.
  8. You just do it. What is the problem?

    Scalability is not a problem. You just don't only use fundamentals but you use technical factors in your decision making.

    The entire thread is moot.
  9. My key question is whether technical analysis is a scalable skill...
  10. A lot of trading in the forex is technically oriented, the Forex is scalable so you can use technical analysis with big $$$
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