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    For anyone who uses stock scanners:

    I'm looking for a web-based or software-based stock screener that allows me to locate moving average crossovers (of my choosing, i.e. 10-day crossing over 20-day, etc) on charts of differing time frames (of my chooosing, i.e. crossovers on 10-min or 60-minute charts). Any help is appreciated.
  2. Radarscreen...
  3. This is a very simple strategy that can be created in Tradestation
    Version TS2000i, 6, 7, and can automate radarStation to scan and
    excute them in real time.
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    InvestorRT. Any indicators, any combination, any timeframe.
  5. Thanks surf we appreciate it!

    You da man!
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    I really like Trade Ideas the best because of its ease of use and its ability to link directly with my REDIplus and my charting software (Real-Tick and eSignal). Aside from that, it has helped increase my profitability!

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  8. If you are looking for pre-programmed scanns you might want to use one of the 900 systems on the web site. To be more flexible you can create you own rules and scan 100 symbols at for free. The desktop version gives you unlimited power.
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    Thanks to all who've given me ideas on the scans. Much appreciated.
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