Technical analysis of the yield curve

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    In the prior two segments we looked at the yield curve from a fundamental perspective. This is very useful and provides context for what drives short term and long term yields over time. However, we can also watch for changes in the yield curve on a shorter term basis using technical analysis. In this case, what we are looking for are changes in the yield curve that would indicate a shift in investor sentiment. A shift in investor sentiment will impact the stock market and can be used to adjust portfolio risk control measures.yield

    One of the simplest types of analysis we can apply is to measure the relative change between long term and short term yields. For example, if rising long term yields relative to short term yields is bullish, then the stock market should improve in value. The more dramatic that change in relative values is the more important the subsequent affect it should have in the stock market.

    In today's video I will walk through applying a comparative relative strength analysis on short term yields represented by the 13-week yield index (IRX) and the 10 year yield index (TNX.) I will show how a sharp positive change in the relative performance of long term yields is correlated with a bullish change in the stock market. This is helpful because the accompanying change in investor sentiment should indicate increased risk for short traders or bears and potential entry opportunities for long investors and bulls.

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