Technical Analysis of Stock and Commodities

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by indahook, Dec 18, 2003.

  1. Anybody get there Jan issue yet? I go into Borders last weekend and see it sitting right on the magazine stand...meanwhile I subscribe and haven't gotten it in the mail. Let me know so I have an excuse to make a nasty phone call. :D
  2. ntfs


    Yes, looking at it right now. When do we get the ballots to vote for the bonus issue?

  3. Ebo


    I got mine in the mail Saturday.
    Read the one in Borders.
  4. pspr


    Got mine a couple days ago (Orlando). Its probably a Christmas postal delay.

  5. Received it this past Saturday......go get 'em:D
  6. just as I figured...thank you brothers.

    While we are on the subject. Does anyone else feel the mag has been lacking in real life applicable trading ideas? They haven't had a good article on money management in months (IMO, there should be one EVERY month..the most important yet most overlooked part of a system). But every month they have some crappy "new" indicator which is just a hybrid of an existing one...then they had that SHILL trying to sell his P&F E-mini system. Maybe I have just outgrown the mag...oh well..sorry for ranting