Technical Analysis of INTC - What do you think?

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    Tell me what you guys think of INTC.

    First of heres a monthly chart of INTC from 1991 to 2010
    I've marked off a lower support at around $12.30. Seems like we bounced off it twice in late '02 and '09. From '02 to 09 seems like INTC has been heading down. I think it almost forms a descending triangle.


    Next is a weekly chart. I've marked off a current support around $19.50 and I've made another one below it just in case it breaks through.

    We can still see that its making lower highs from '02 to '09


    Next is a daily chart. You can see we had a little uptrend from from '09 then we traded sideways for pretty much most of '10.
    I think we will bounce off the $19.15 support line. Other indicators are heading towards an oversold position. Plus the last couple candle sticks are showing maybe a reverse in the current downward trend.


    What do you guys think? I'm new to this so your ideas and thoughts would be neat to hear. Over the long run I see this stock still heading down. What do you think? Also do you think this could be a nice little bounce to play?
  2. From a trading perspective, no matter how hot the setup looks, if the market decides to head lower, no one is going to survive pulling back.

    There is too much uncertainty in the markets right now and INTC just rides with the NASDAQ.

    On top of that it's acting weaker to it's index.

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    - Here' s my advice, and I'm dead serious,
    - Pack your sh**, take your money, and go to a strip club/ have a wicked night out with your friends.

    You seem to know jack-all about the market and that's good, because you probably have a couple more thousand hours to lose before you start seeing -the real ways- to make $$. It's better to quit early/young, then to waste your years trying to make $. Your T/A sucks. It's below average and adds no value. In a world where fund manager can barely beat the S&P why do you think you can? What makes you think whatever your saying is legitimate/going to make you $.. You show your 'youth' in the market by your commentary, which is just plain dull, unimaginative, and shows no real in-depth knowledge of how markets function. I mean common.

    IMO, anyone who uses is not serious at all, for pete's Sake, use

    And why are you even looking at INTC, just follow the nasdaq... it's probably 90% correlated with INTC anyways. ^ See what the poster above me has said.

    Good luck in quitting.. your young take my advice.
  4. -No significant pricetriggers in the near future
    -Overall economy doing bad
    -High correlation with NASDAQ

    TA is not everything, only a timing tool. If the fundamentals arent there to begin with there is no point in applying it.
  5. Pick up a couple books on TA, I like Brian Shannon's book or street smarts linda raschke (more for swing trading though if you can 'borrow' it from somewhere that is better). Brian's book will help you get started in understanding whats behind TA, though it doesn't really give chart patterns its a great starting point. To me yes it looks like a descending triangle but also appears to be ranging, yes its at support, but what is your trading timeframe? If you enter a short on this, where is your out, the top of the triangle or range? If you get long what is your target price? Again that depends on your timeframe. To me this doesn't interest me for a swing trade or any trade in general, maybe if it took out that swing low for a short, but again its only a $19stk so wouldn't expect much more of a downside.
  6. The first two charts are TOTALLY USELESS, 25 and 10 years?

  7. Dow Jones exit signal 4-27-2010

    Intel exit signal 4-30-2010 = take long profits, then go short.

    Short in effect now.

    more bad news ....

    DEATH CROSS on 8-12-2010,

    violation of wave low 8-13-2010
  8. :) hmm... I think it is a fine you think with a bow and arrows you will fight Delta Force?

    All that matters for short term stock movements is the last few bars. Forget about TA. $19 can stay support or turn into a resistance. Where is your stop and how much %wise are you risking? this is what counts.

    Do you have a measure of the probability for short term move in either direction? Daily and real-time? Do you think that sophiticated traders look at charts? This is trading of the 80s. You made me today look at a chart, I haven't looked at one for a long time. I only look at probabilities, a list of them. Nothing else.
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    ^ THIS, and a ton of OTHER posts too.
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    I have to agree with the other members, the charts that you posted mean nothing. I also think that you are not going to give up markets after some comments trashing your analysis.

    You can private message me, and i will send you a good book (free), with fresh ideas that can help you start and test yourself. I can give the same book to 10 people, and after only 3,4,5 or none can make money using it. You have to find by yourself and Mr. Market has a good way to tell you the truth if you have what it takes...



    Feel that's a buy? Then sell...
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