Technical Analysis of a bubble top

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by protodigm, Apr 22, 2008.

  1. Anyone who has been around during the tech bubble or any other bubble.

    It looks like oil/agri is in its final stages of the parabolic movement to the top.

    What are the technical analysis indicators to spot the top of the oil/agribusiness bubble?
  2. Hi,
    After suggesting that oil/agri was at a top I began comparing the tops of 2000 and other market tops in history. I went back and began looking as far back as would allow. So what are you using as your indicator that makes you think the oil/agri is parabolic? Certain indices? Thank you for giving me a study to work on. I'm going to examine market tops and post the results on my website. Look forward to hearing from you soon,
    Damian Dornier