Technical Analysis in intraday

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by paulsta, Oct 14, 2003.

  1. paulsta


    I have just started working as an inntraday trader on the German Bobl for a company in London. For this we have access to a CQG (technical analysis softwear) terminal. Howerver, not being schooled in TA, what wouls people recommend to study for trading intraday for a tight stop loss.

    Several theories I have read all seemed to be based in long term and medium term, so is it possible to adapt them for the short term. Aplogies if these questions are rudimentary, however, I feel if the resources are available it would be nice to fully utilise them.
  2. gnome


    Yes, TA does apply to intraday trading. However, you must be able to size up the situation and get the trade off... QUICKLY!

    Support and Resistance, gaps, candlestick reversals, flags and triangles.
  3. well how about you ask your new big trading buddies at the big institution... they know how to trade... or do they?:D
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    Some people swear by it, some people are very 'anti' methods... but its always nice to open the question up to the larger floor!