Technical analysis for Dummy?

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by mojoflyer, Apr 17, 2008.

  1. mojoflyer


    Hi all,
    i'm very new in technical analysis.

    I only know to use SMA 10,50,200 periods to draw as trend line for support & resistance analysis.

    I would consider my a dummy.

    Would anyone be kind enough to recommend something really simple for a beginner or dummy like me to understand trend line analysis?

    thank you in advance.
  2. Go to a public library in a prosperous suburb and checkout whatever titles they have regarding technical analysis. After awhile, you'll see the same material over and over. Start with the Idiot's and the Dummy's Guide.
  3. Surdo


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  5. Read the Book Stikky Stock Charts. The best intro to basic TA in my opinion, read the reviews on ET.
  6. epetrov


    ... and in 3-5 years you may start being successful ...:D
  7. Saigon


    go get Magee's book, that's where you'll get a good start