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Would You rather buy my book or Tim's based on this post?

  1. SiSePuede gets dirty with Technicals!

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  2. Both are a waste of trees!

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  3. Tim's book on how not to make money!

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  1. So I'm not very good at technical analysis and I've actually lost money the last few years, but I did make some money about 5 or 6 years ago using moving averages, so I thought I'd write a book about that.

    I'm looking to inspire people with the trades I made 5 years ago and teach them with the mistakes I've made(basically for the last 4 years).

    Don't forget though, I did make some money 5 years ago and it's that genius that I have which allows me to prevail. The last 4 years were a fluke and I'll talk about them, but it's the years prior to that when I was really focused and not playing games...last 4 years I've just been messing around.

    Also, I want everyone to know that I once washed dishes at a Blackstone "fuck you SEC" party and bumped into a few legends...yeah, that was fun.

    Anyway, if any meaningless bloggers decide to give my book a half-ass review that I think I can pretend is good I'll post a link here!

    Wish me luck boys, I'm gonna tighten up my stochastics and hit the ground running and not stop until I see the a bullish harami!

  2. Most people eventually come to the conclusion that Technical Analysis works little, even if they don't realize that it was TA that was at fault. You probably had a successful period, because you tripped over a period where Moving Averages had some value.
  3. This was a total joke of a post. Sorry to have wasted your time. But I think TA has's just not the type of thing you'd rely solely upon in my opinion.