Technical advice

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by ballsofgold, Feb 7, 2007.

  1. Trading from home, do u think a regular DSL Cable line could support a three monitor setup with E-trade, X trader, maybe another charting service as well. Keep into consideration that I would have one or two internet browsers up to do research.

    Additionally, i would problem have a hub or cable spliiter bc my TV will ultimately be connected to the same cable jack.

    As i have never done this before, anyone trading from home have any advice as i would not want to run into technical difficulties trading.
  2. your internet connection has nothing to do with it. You can trade on a dial up connection if you had to. Yes, your DSL will handle 3 computers, monitors and even 300 computers on your one connection. What you need is a computer with ALOT of memory to trade. Memory of at least 1MB. The more the better. It has nothing to do with your internet connnection.
  3. tks, just waiting for Verizon Fios to be available they are taking to long so just giong to go ahead with DSl then.