Tech stocks are strong and I like

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  1. ADI. Check out the chart, fundamentals,.... Their report is Feb 17. I believe it can go above $30. Price action is hinting just that.
    Other previous tech stocks report has built the leg for ADI to fly.
  2. ADI is breaking out of its mid term low. QQQQ is down but ADI is going up and recovered from its early hour sell-ff.
    I believe doing a risk reversal trade on Feb 27.5 strike price makes sense.
  3. Shadowing this trade would be buying 24-25 Call spread on TXN.
  4. Not a bad chart - broke out of the channel and got good volume on the MACD crossover. Two good days - not bad at all.


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  5. Here's another tech stock I like or have been playing the rebound on. I bought a few calls at $70 and it has worked out well so far. I like the move on friday, went bananas. I doubt it's going to fly back up filling the gap it left so I might have to hedge my position here shortly incase we experience a pullback.


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  6. Another good day for ADI and tech in general. I believe ADI will go much higher tomorrow and also tomorrow AH after they come up with thier earnings. ADI should close above $30 by this Friday. My 24-25 call spread on TXN is also paying off. I also agree with you on QCOM.
  7. Might close above $29 today. If it does, it echos a strong bullish signal. Strong buying pressure. A good trade is to do risk reverasal on 27.5 strike price for Feb. It is trading 28.65 now.
  8. Today after a little bit sell off , it is coming back. I believe it will close down 20 cents today and AH they will come up with earnings. I believe it should be very good. $30 by Friday.
  9. Why do you three momentum indicators on your chart?
  10. Nice result and up up AH. Now my target is $32. Of course not for this week.
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