Tech stocks are sell now-Reminder

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by hajimow, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. The same stocks that were out of favor 2 weeks ago are now over 15% up and moo moo crowds are buying and smart investors are unloading. (Maybe AAPL is another story and I am not trading that) but check out TXN, ADI, SMH, LLTC,... price actions in the last 3 weeks. I bet they will be down 10% in the next 3 weeks. I trade options and don't go directly trading stocks.
  2. For some reason Cramer is pumping CRUS in his show. I think there is a vicious trading gang behind his pump and dump on this specific stock as the other stocks introduced in his show. I call it avoid this stock.
  3. 90% of tech stocks are stalled. They hit the ceiling and bounce back a little. Tomorrow's financial reports make them sink I believe.
  4. Look at what I said on CRUS yesterday and look at the price action of CRUS yesterday and today. Don't believe what you hear on TV about the market. They are sort of paid advertisements. Cramer, Kudlow,...

    Tech stocks are overbought and that is the reality. bubble will burst soon.
  5. Apple a very high quality tech stock shows exahustion on Window dressing day and tends to go red. We might end up deep in red for the market today.
  6. I see Dow dropping over 100 points today. A bad start for scary October. I am shorting TXN, ADI