Tech/QQQQ comeback!

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  1. Weak dollar should boost profits. Profits will be used to buy back stocks. Rebalancing investors will take profits from gold, oil and REIT and buy tech stocks. Momentum could be created.. Picked up QQQQ @ 39.89 and 39.81 today. Expect them to only be outperformed by Long-term bonds the coming year.
  2. my, my... if 4*q will be outperformed by 30yr notes u in big trouble man.
  3. I think the inflation premium is too big. The indebted consumers will soon want to or have to save. Especially because of the negative effect a slow down in house prices will have on wealth. Price setters can’t increase prices in this environment. This will probably force the Fed to lower short term rates sooner than it expects. Hopefully I get some support for my view today..
  4. then invest in bonds, innit[?]
    much safer enviroment than tek'n'as u say prolly better returns, 'n'if u go for da 2yrs'n'keep 'em till exp it's virtually risk free.
  5. Why choose when u can buy both. Seems like a good hedged bet.. I've bought TLT and long term corporate bonds as well. If I were bolder I would put 50% in TLT and 50% in QQQQ margin X2.
  6. fair enough, didn't know that, thot u were chosin' q4 over bonds.....mind u, i and many others don't really like how da naz is performin' lately; big caps have taken da spot light and tek looks like cud disappoint and that's more da case in an inflationary enviroment...still, good luck with u bets.
  7. A textbook example of wishful thinking!
  8. Scary day, didn’t expect liquidity to dry up this fast. Added QQQQ @ 39.57 and 39.37. Tempted to add more at 39.26 but didn’t. At least tech showed relative strength, I find that encouraging, but it could be just wishful thinking..
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    "Everybody stay cool! This is a robbery!"

    In other words:
    • "It is probably true quite generally that in the history of human thinking the most fruitful developments frequently take place at those points where two different lines of thought meet. These lines may have their roots in quite different parts of human nature, in different times or different cultural environments or different religious traditions: hence if they actually meet, that is, if they are at least so much related to each other that a real interaction can take place, then one may hope that new and interesting developments may follow.
      - Werner Heisenberg, founder of quantum mechanics"
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    The current real estate crash (slow cooling, but it is a crash, happened before with the stock market) will force a lot of people to go broke. Interest rate will continue to rise. But stocks will go bach higher in 2008 after a major correction from here.
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