tech issues all the time on everything

Discussion in 'Trading' started by daytrade, Feb 28, 2007.

  1. my charts freeze up almost daily, takes a few seconds to load,, crappy alpha trade, im changing services next month,, but my platfrom has odd glitches that i cant seem to fix even through tech support, my laptop just crapped out, i cant get logged in to most of my software on the spare pc,, im going nuts,, or should i be? is this normal, should i just keep changing services till i get the best,, or just take a deep breath and get use to all this bs?
  2. If it happens once in awhile, that's normal. If it happens all the time get new providers. Make sure you have a fast PC, fast internet, alot of RAM, etc.

    Heck the NYSE had bottlenecks yesterday on volume! They have alot more invested than we do in tech.