tech help needed on weird feed/sw problem

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  1. Router down and I need to plug ISP's directly into the PC's but I am getting a weird problem.

    When I plug the backup ISP into my Vista PC, FreeStockCharts runs fine.

    When I plug the backup ISP into my W7/64 PC, I can't run FreeStockCharts

    But if I plug my main ISP into the W7 PC or the Vista PA FreeStockCharts runs fine

    So my W7 PC runs FreeStockCharts with data from the main ISP but the same PC won't run FreeStockCharts with data from the backup ISP.

    But my Vista PA will run FSC using either my backup ISP or the main ISP.

    How can that be so?

    It is only FreeStockCharts that is affected this way and all other charting sw is fine. I am running with only MS Essential for firewall.

    I need to order a replacement router so any suggestions appreciated.
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    Does the internet work at all?

    Try rebooting the cable modem or dsl modem when you switch PC's. Some modem lock onto a certain MAC address.
  4. Internet works great.

    I tried disconnecting the cables and rebooting the modem. It is only FSC that is affected for some reason.
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    I don't know if it's the same issue. Last time when I installed my Norton, I couldn't use FSC too, each time I opened it up, it will close automatically. After I marked FSC as trusted SW in Norton, it finally worked fine. So, it could be related with your firewall SW.
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    Could be different ports?
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    Short answer is wait 5-10 minutes before plugging in a new device or reconnecting your software.

    Could be one of two conflictions or both:

    1) Often you can't just disconnect and reconnect a PC/device without waiting a few seconds or minutes because they have different MAC addresses and the switch/router on the other end can get confused. It all depends on the equipment, but generally speaking sometimes you may have to wait up to 5 minutes to switch between devices with different MAC addresses.

    2) Your data provider may have IP restrictions or your software may in affect have to relogin/reconnect using a different IP address. It may require the previous connection timeout before you can login.

    Generally speaking if you need to failover to another PC or a backup internet provider with less than 5-10 minutes then you should be using a router that is capable of such. See this thread in its entirety.
  8. Many thanks for the replies guys.

    I have had this problem for 2 days now and the PC's were shut down overnight. I had hoped a new day might magically fix the problem bit no such luck.

    I have the problem ISP line in the Vista PC merrily displaying intraday data from FSC but if I plug it in to the W7 box it will display intraday charts from anyone else but not FSC.

    It will display a daily chart and I see the data ticking real time but click on any intraday time frame and I get a blank chart on this PC.

    Very frustrating :(
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    Did not know FSC and it's lousy BAT feed was that important, what do you use it for long term charts, cause intraday is horrible stuff.
  10. Xspurt,
    having internet from two seperate ISP's coming directly into a PC is a bit tricky unless you have a server operating system set up to handle that.

    When you say "direct to the pc" I assume you have a modem in between your PC and the wall? Is it something that has routing capabilities?

    Are you getting assigned the same DHCP ip address from each ISP? Do you have NIC Teaming set up?

    What your best solution would be is to set up a router/firewall that can handle a DUAL WAN configuration and place that between your PC and your ISP's modems.
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