Tech Downgrades

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    I bet we start seeing some companies get hit here in the next few weeks.
    A couple of these things are back to all-time highs and trading on air.
    TWLO reported a killer quarter last night... beat top and bottom.... 77% yoy sales increase... guided 2019 revenue 10% higher... and it sold off hard today.
    We shall see.
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    Netapp (NTAP) just reported.
    Ugly AF. miss/miss
    Down 6%.
    Cloud is getting crowded.
    Somebody better tell Cramer.
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    Applied Materials (AMAT) missed top/bottom and guided down tonight.
    NVDA was nothing to write home about.
    And while not a tech stock.... take a look at XPO Logistics (XPO).... one of the biggest trucking and warehouse operations in the world. Miss/miss and down 18% on a gloomy 2019 forecast.

    ....Hey B1S2.... you sure "the trend is still up"?

    Whatever... there may be some great stocks out there... but the the indexes (The Naz especially) are being held up on air. Lets all buy some Atlassian (TEAM) at $106 (and pray Google buys them at 25X sales).

    It may not happen soon, but when the correction comes.... its gonna be brutal on some stocks and they will take the whole house down with em. Pick your winners, sit on your hands, and be patient.

    I'll throw you guys a bone (one for now) 'cause I'm nice..... put SYK on the buy list for when the crash comes. That's one for Elite Investors here.

    Edit: one caveat on SYK.... they could be hit hard by a class action at any time I would guess. You can't be selling titanium femurs and not expect some law office somewhere to find someone who's a gimp now because of a botched implant.
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    TrueCar (TRUE).... miss/miss, guide down.
    Minus 18% after hours.
    Yeah.... the economy's on fire.