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  1. How can we short her?
  2. Probably by going long building supply companies and plywood mfrs. :(

    That is one nasty-looking map.
  3. Looks like it is heading straight for South Carolina.
  4. tampa


    Thank yoy, Jesus. Thank you for sending some place else. Thank you, Jesus.
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    How would you play this?

    insurance companies
    local utilities
    local companies

    building suppliers
    home builders
    trailer manufacturers

    And if you lived in the hurricane belt like I do, you would be shaking in your shoes until the damn thing passes! I just can't even think about the market right now!


    That makes 2 of us ... and I live out on an island in SC.
  7. over at that haven for gamblers, https://www.tradesports.com/ , one can buy or sell the Isabel contract.
    If the eyewall makes landfall on the continental US, you win; if not, you lose.

    Bid 55 ask 65

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