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  1. Otherwise that long term head and shoulders in the S&P that looms like Godzilla over Tokyo would have more sway. Any astute elaboration on its meaning (or not) handy?
  2. Broadening formation in nominal terms. Series of lower highs, lower lows in real terms. Just a market trying to digest decades of fiscal/monetary irresponsibility. That is not a giant sHs...let me rephrase...let's hope that's not a giant sHs. Some bears are rooting for that, but if a market totally implodes, the agents can no longer play their dominant strategies which are premised upon a market that is functioning
    and existent. Equilibrium can't be destroyed, the game won't go on if it is. If you find yourself rooting for an economic/financial probably need to see a shrink.

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  3. recession 2.0 , during 2011-2012 when lots of loans reset. alt-a or some shit
  4. Not me, I couldn't be more neutral an observer. You were doing so well up until the last sentence.
  5. It's what is called a megaphone formation . . . Predicts straight shot through the old highs.
  6. Wasn't aiming that comment at you, specifically. But if you do find yourself in the death/destruction camp, and think that wishing for (really) bad things is healthy, it's not. Just my (psych) $.02.
  7. No more than wishing for good things will manifest their existence in praying. That head and shoulders looks like a duck. It hasn't quacked or walked like a duck yet but you're on
    reasonable ground if you account for the possibility.
  8. Can someone post a chart of this duck?
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    There's no head & shoulders pattern on the long term charts (weekly and monthly). Regardless, a lack of understanding of the context (key market events, global economics, FED/ECB et cetera)...don't bother with any technical analysis.