Tebow Vs the Anti-religon bigots

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    Why Are Anti-Christian Bigots So Eager to Prey On Tim Tebow?

    By Todd Starnes

    Published December 12, 2011

    Tim Tebow’s success as the quarterback of the Denver Broncos has done little to silence his critics who believe that his faith in Jesus Christ has no business on the football field. It doesn’t matter how many touchdown passes he throws or how many games he wins because Tebow will always be a lightning rod for anti-Christian bigots.

    It’s become something of a sport to attack Christians in this nation. In recent days a cross was removed from a Christian chapel on an Army base because it violated regulations. Symbols of the Christmas season have been removed from public squares and public schools because they might offend non-Christians. And in Washington, D.C., Christian teenagers were forced to pray in a gutter after police told them it was illegal to pray on a sidewalk outside the Supreme Court.
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    What If Tim Tebow Were Muslim?

    Would media tolerate putdowns?

    Hollywood spews out reprehensible anti-Christian propaganda wrapped in the guise of family-friendly entertainment – indoctrinating children to various and sundry lifestyles and beliefs. The music industry relishes artists who denigrate faith and traditional families. Our taxpayer-funded museums host religious exhibits smeared in elephant dung.

    And that brings us to the National Football League and the attacks on Tebow.

    There aren’t many superstars for evangelical kids to admire – but Tebow is one of those guys. He’s an athlete who “walks the walk.” He’s passionate about his relationship with Jesus Christ. He prays. He studies his Bible. And he also wins football games.
    And for that – he’s been subjected to ridicule.

    Stephen Tullock, a linebacker for the Detroit Lions, personified the anti-Christian attacks when he mocked Tebow after sacking the quarterback. As Tebow picked himself up off the gridiron, Tullock started “Tebowing” – a mocking prayer on bended knee.

    “I told a friend of mine that I might have a couple sacks this game and if I get him, I going to Tebow it,” Tulloch told the Denver Post.

    There was no outrage – no editorials of condemnation. There were no calls for religious tolerance – nothing but silence from the chattering class.

    Imagine for just a moment if Tebow had been a Muslim. Imagine Tullock sacking the quarterback and then pulling out a prayer rug and offering a mocking prayer toward Mecca. Imagine that.

    But the attacks on Tebow started long before he started playing professional football. NBC Sports reported on an incident that occurred at a Scouting Combine. Tebow suggested the group pray. Another player told him to “shut the f*** up.”

    Former Broncos quarterback Jake Plummer told the Daily Mail, “I wish he’d just shut up after a game and go hug his teammates.”

    A particular disappointment has been the criticism levied against Tebow by his fellow Christians.

    “It seems Tebow might help himself and the kingdom by getting off his knees, taking the verses off of his face, and being faithful to Christ without the public acts like all the other Christians in the NFL have done for decades,” wrote Anthony Bradley, an associate professor of theology and ethics at The Kings College in New York City, in World Magazine.

    Perhaps the good professor would suggest Christians enter restaurants through the back door and use separate drinking fountains?

    “Put down the boldness in regards to the words and keep living the way you’re living,” opined Kurt Warner in a Washington Post story.

    So Warner wants Tebow to water down his boldness. Exactly, how does one do that, Mr. Warner?

    Perhaps the sad part of this episode is that Tebow is an anomaly in a professional sports industry searching for a moral compass.

    They take great pride in putting bad boys on superstar pedestals.

    At the end of the day, though, which NFL star would you want your little boy idolizing? A dog killer? A guy who beats up his girlfriend? Someone who is communicable? Or a man who loves Jesus, helps orphans and builds hospitals for the needy?

    I’ll take Tim Tebow in my huddle any day.
  2. I have to agree with this one. Tim Tebow is a minister to his faith who happens to play football. I hope he does not scale it back because of pressure.

    There was a Laker who was a deeply Christian person and a virgin when he was like, 29 or something.

    I don't remember his name.
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    I caught a glimpse of CBS's Tebow rant Sunday morning, using the MSM to persuade folks that openly Christian displays are antisocial.

    Go Tebow.
  5. Chicago Bears must have done something to anger God. lol
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  7. I'd pretty much given up on watching football but his little Tebow drama has me interested again. The kid is a winner. Period. He knows how to win and he believes in himself. His teammates are starting to believe and he has all the makings of a top tier qb.

    It's been funny watching Elway poopoo his success, and then the subsequent contrition. I wish the kid luck.
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    Max E.

    Whats even funnier is when you look at Elways stats at the start of his Career vs Tebow's. This was the most up to date one i could find on google, but the ones that are more up to date make Elway look like an even bigger jackass. Not sure what Elways issue is, but i think for whatever reason he doesnt like how popular Tebow is in Denver, Tebow has shown he has what it takes to be a winner, so i would have thought that Elway would be eager to teach him everything he knows about actually passing the ball. I think if Denver gives Tebow another full season that Tebow will put in the effort to fix his passing game. A winner is a winner, period, you cant teach someone to become a winner, but if Tebow is willing to put in the effort he can learn to become a better passer.


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