Tebow, Superbowl, & Abortion

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  1. For the first time in history, CBS is going to allow an 'advocacy ad' to be broadcast during the Superbowl. Tim, wear my religion on my eyes, Tebow, will be appearing in an ad to rail against abortion and the freedom of choice.

    I will be identifying all Superbowl advertisers in the next few days and writing them letters of plans to boycott their products for at least one year if they don't stop outrageous and inappropriate 'advocacy ad'.

    Ironically, it was also announced today that teenage pregnacies have increased 3% over the past year. Now more than ever we need woman to have access to ALL forms of birth control including abortion.

    Please show your opposition to the CBS position by writing to CBS, the NFL, and all advertisers associated with this years' Superbowl.

    As far as Tebow goes, it will be great to watch him wash out in the NFL.
  2. i would say if they can afford the price of the ad there is no reason they shouldnt be allowed to run it. free speech works both ways.
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  4. Wow...a 3% increase! But what they dont tell you is that they dont factor in the fact that the population grew by about that much in 1 year and pretty much EVERY statistic if human nature remains the same will increase 2-3% every year. I mean, if you live in a community of 100 people and 1 person gets pregnant per year, if the community suddenly had 200 people in it, its safe to say that there will be 2 pregnancies per year just because the population increased. Not that the people are becoming sex maniacs and the pregnancy rate doubled.

    To me women that get abortions are in the same category of scum as rapists and murderers.
  5. Absolutely +1. It's hard to believe the heartless cruelty of the anti-choice crowd, those religious whackjobs who like to express themselves by gunning down physicians. Then again, it's hard to believe the heartless cruelty of any extremist religious group. However, as vhehn says, they must be allowed to speak their piece, if only so that the right-thinking majority can be exposed to them and say to themselves 'Well, that defines what I am not'.
  6. Does a fetus get due process? At 89 days it is the full property of the bearer. At 90 days some due process starts applying to the fetus.
    Such an arbitrary number 90 days is. No doubt abortion is, at best, just a social compromise. Certainly it is illogical law.
  7. Following your logic, we can therefore conclude that all liberals love to express themselves by gunning down presidents.
  8. What day would you put it at?
  9. Full due process from day zero. A fetus is not a slave, not property. It should be afforded all the rights of a child.
  10. At day zero a fetus is not a child, that fact is irrefutable. So that would also be illogical law. It is also illogical to pass unenforceable laws. There is no absolute solution to this problem. Arbratory days are the only workable solution, at least for now. Our best option now is education and birth control.
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