tearing up the eminis?!

Discussion in 'Journals' started by gjmason, Jul 12, 2002.

  1. gjmason


    i have just begun trading again, after a hiatus of a 5 mos.
    i would like an evaulation of my trading abilities. I am trading es,
    5minis at a time. I place stop and reverse orders, am always in the market, and out at the end of the day. I started up again yesterday.
    7-10-02 trading 5 es2u's
    S 95425
    L 95200 +225
    S 94875 - 325
    L 94275 +600
    S 94050 -225
    L 93775 +275
    S 94450 +675
    L 92925 +1525
    S 92600 -325
    O 91875 +725 UP +3150 POINTS FOR THE DAY +$7875

    953am L 91150
    1046am S 91675 +525
    1150am L 91150 +525
    1159am S 90675 -475
    1236pm L 90625 + 50
    149pm S 91325 +700
    155pm L 91650 -325
    224pm S 91675 + 25
    231pm L 92300 -625
    358pm S 92775 +475
    409pm O 92825 - 50 +825 POINTS +$2062

    How am I doing? BTW this trading is all systematic/mechanical/
    mathematical .
  2. ddefina


    June and July have been awesome months for directional volatility intraday. If you could do that for a few weeks and step the contracts up, you'd be in Superego's league. :D
  3. awesome. spectacular. wonderful. You are a great trader.
  5. PubliasEnigma

    PubliasEnigma Guest

    Two days worth of trades is nothing but NOISE!

    Come back and ask when you have 100-500 trades under your belt..

  6. GJmason,

    Tell us your reasons for entry and exit and I will evaluate. Figures mean nothing to me especially when there not mine.

    Is this real trading or on paper?
  7. mmuloin


    Two days worth of trading is really too small of a sample to derive any kind of conclusion on future performance.

    It's an encouraging start though.

  8. ddefina


    Your system sounds similar to mine, always long or short. Do you try to catch the small intraday trends and ride them out, or use discretionary exits or price targets? Sounds like you have a great system. What is an average day like trading it?
  9. sabena


    It looks promising but it's like Publias-
    Enigma says, you need minimum 100 trades
    to say something sensible about your system...

    If you throw 12 times the dice and you get
    4 times the number 1,(expected 2 times) does it mean that there is something wrong with the dice ?

    Answer : maybe...

    If you throw 120 times the dice and you get
    40 times the number 1 then there is probably
    something wrong with the dice.
    It is statistically significant in the latter
    case !
  10. PKJR


    i made today 18k and 27k yest - does that make me a good trader?

    This is childish..what is your biggest losing trade? what is your largest winning trade? those are the things you should be telling us and not after trading 2 days otherwise you will give everything back plus more.. given taken few more months
    #10     Jul 12, 2002