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  1. i'm so bored i'm about to start counting the leaves on the tree outside my window. i know this gets tossed around from time to time, but for gods sake what do people do to handle the boredom?

    i have 2000 songs on rotation which helps, but only so much.

    a guy can only eat so many toblerones and sandwiches in a day.

    there's nothing on tv and the news looks like the same old talking heads.

  2. Read a book.
    Work on ways to imporve yourself.
  3. Merc


    What is your trading style?

    :cool: :cool: :cool:
  4. fan27


    My Girlfriend is teaching me to speak Spanish. when things get slow, I study my flash cards or make new ones.

    buen suerte (goods luck)
  5. ...and get a real job.
  6. VTTrader


    I practice the uillean pipes and tinwhistle through the day. Nobody's around (wife works outside the home) so only the dog howls when I hit a bum note....
  7. are you talking about while trading, or life in general??
  8. Merc


    Heavy liquor, sex and rock'n roll usually helps!
  9. Challenge me to a game of Battlefield1942 and be shot to death in gory super high detailed 3D on the beaches of Omaha in world war II! :D


    I'e attached an actual screen shot. Simply amazing!


  10. dbphoenix


    Does your method allow for setting alarms, or do you have to be in front of the screen all the time?
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