Team programming for better algo-trading results

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  1. Hello all,
    I have been developing trading algorithms for the past four years, this is an individual effort for the obvious reasons but I think a team would be much more successful than just one developer doing the researching, developing, backtesting, trading, monitoring, etc.
    I was thinking of doing all of the above with a team of talented experienced people,
    So If anyone is interested in team-programming, developing algorithms together (commodities).
    please send me an email :

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  2. fan27


    What technology stack are you currently using and what is your programming background?

    Just go through this thread and program the concepts. If everyone did this prices in most markets would normalize to very low volatility levels with spurts or spikes. You would see a normalization and stair step price patterns.

    The spurts would only be evident with news events.
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    in four years what have you narrowed the missing pieces as?
  5. I'm using backtrader python as the development technology
  6. The missing pieces are :
    1. Developing on your own is very challenging
    2. Team work is better
  7. runtrader


    I concur, developing on your own is hugely challenging but not impossible. I find the development part is pretty straightforward if you keep it modular and simple. I have developed my own data management, back testing, charting, analysis tools, etc.

    For clarification, what do you mean by "team work"?
  8. The missing piece is the strategy. One seasoned trader with a verifiable track record would be worth more to OP than a team of 20 programmers and academics spinning their wheels. Best starting point would be to find a willing trader, put up equal risk capital and form a partnership. Good luck
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  9. Team
    Team work is a group of developers, traders,... Each doing his /her part, someone may be good at the development side, another talented at trading, someone else covering the research side, and together we cover the entire process top to bottom.
  10. What is your budget? Or how much capital are you willing to deploy per strategy/instrument.
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