Teaching a Client "A lesson"??

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  1. those guys were STUPID!!!

    you think they were chicks or something....:D
  2. Well, Webb was stupid, the others just wanted to help.
    But i can understand webb too. It depends on when the client decided to cancel the order and why he took it to someone else.

    That is a no no
  3. Did I say it surprised me?

    Did I say I never worked on the street?

    Rule 7 of business: NEVER ASSUME
  4. gnome


    Until the $USD officially becomes the "$Charmin", it might logically be mistaken for either.
  5. .. point was these types of characters seem to inhabit most firms and the firms that dont possess these types of knuckleheads are few and far between .....
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    And to think I once wrote to one of the guys asking for a job... Anybody who gets caught forging tickets should never work on the street again.
  7. I disagree with the traders' argument that their misconduct was not serious. I can hardly think of anything worse. Deliberately front-running a client, then altering records to hide the misconduct.

    Whether or not they get their bonuses will depend on their employment agreements. Obviously, the bank is confident it can't be forced to pay them.
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