Teachers union doing their job: 78% of California students fail standard science test

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    Max E.

    31% of students nationwide passed the test, and just 22% in California, Thankfully we have the teachers union looking out for our childrens needs, otherwise these scores might be really ugly.

    This is just evidence that the test is biased, IMO what we need is a good old fashioned liberal fix to this situation.... lets just lower the standard for the tests so that all students can feel like winners, and the teachers can feel like they are doing their jobs....


    About 22 percent of California’s eighth-graders tested on a national science test passed, ranking the Golden State among the worst in the nation, according to figures released Thursday.
    Scores from the 2011 National Assessment of Educational Progress, also known as the Nation’s Report Card, show that too few students have the skills that could lead to careers in the field, educators said.

    State % Proficient/ Advanced
    1 Massachusetts 44
    1 Montana 44
    1 North Dakota 44
    4 Utah 43
    4 Vermont 43
    6 Colorado 42
    6 Minnesota 42
    6 New Hampshire 42
    6 South Dakota 42
    10 Virginia 40
    47 California 22
    Nation 31

    Nationally, 31 percent of eighth-graders who were tested scored proficient or advanced. Both the national and state scores improved slightly over scores from two years ago, the last time the test was administered.