Teachers Union Attacks Freedom Of The Press

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    And we just anti'ed up another $26Billion for these guys (and gals).

    Teachers union threatens ‘massive boycott’ of Los Angeles Times for reporting on teacher performance

    On Saturday, the Los Angeles Times began publishing a hard-hitting analysis on teacher performance. Today, the Los Angeles Times is reporting that union leaders are threatening the paper as a result

  2. If benevolent dictator, I would fire all teachers, remove the requirement to " have teaching certificate", and open up jobs to people who have a DEGREE in that subject (math, science, history, etc.), rather than "elementary" or "secondary" education flunkees. Unions in public schools would be thrown out as well as their fat pension programs that are bankrupting cities and states.

    Then, I would throw out most of the teaching models, and put a lot of the education online (there are scads of courses, tutorials, and not to mention, english-speaking teachers in cheaper countries such as india/philippines).

    And bullies and juvenile delinquints would be tossed out, as well. School is for people who want to learn. Students could learn from home, if their family agreed. Admin slots would be drastically cut. Obviously, so would school taxes.

    That is all that comes to mind for now. :D
  3. Having trouble distinguishing boycotting a business you don't like versus "attacks freedom of the press"?

    If I refuse to watch "faux news", am I attacking the freedom of the press?
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    We're talking about a public employee union calling for boycotts because it doesn't like the reporting. Entirely NOT appropriate.
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    sound's good to me..
  6. Gotta love it! The left attacking the left! [​IMG]
  7. Good luck finding Math, Physics & Chemistry graduates locally. American graduates in these subject are so few that they are not even on this national statics chart of graduates. Education graduates, on the other hand, are numerous. You may to get them from India - the unions would fight them off ...No politicians would dare to bring them here.

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    The left is going to have to pay the taxes for the fat retirement of the Unions, and now, it will be real fun to watch.

    The left has a very good intention: That we all have infinite money and that we all live happily and collect fat pay checks without doing any real work, too bad, in real world, one has to work to live well.

    And there are a lot of jobless physics, maths grads, they mostly move to Finance, since there are no real jobs available in maths and physics. They will not be interested in teaching at high schools.

  9. May be I will get a teaching license and join the union. If you can't fight them, join them.
  10. In my jurisdiction, such a large percentage of the budget goes to maintenance and capital costs that the entire operation looks more like a commercial real estate company than anything else.

    If that same amount of dollars were spent strictly on teacher salaries, enough teachers could be hired so that every single family in the district has a private tutor.
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