Teachers making $4,000,000 per year in S. Korea

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  1. Now you're gonna encourage the teachers unions...gee thanks!
  2. Good post.....

    This is the real direction of education....

    The best teachers....available when you want them....

    And at the right price....

    The INTERNET should be the centerpiece of education .....
  3. They are business people not teachers idiot
  4. That can't possible be true.
  5. kxvid


    Wow thanks for this. I know a couple that wants to go teaching in S. Korea. I used to think :confused: but now I can understand.
  6. Totally misleading. It's the Tony Robbins of teaching making the coin via Internet marketing. Not teachers. Several teachers who are good at marketing. I'm sure there are many teachers in USA making that much with marketing on Internet. Has nothing to do with teacher. Ever hear of www.videoprofessor.com. How stupid are you traders?
  7. Asians value education.

    Americans value Paris Hilton, Sports stars,Micheal Jackson,Rap Stars,etc..

    Why do you think the Asians are getting ahead while we are being left behind.

    Asian Parents actually act like parents.

    Modern American parents are a joke. ADD is an American disease, you do not hear about ADD in Asia.

    ADD = I want you to chemically restrain my kid because I am too lazy to be a parent.
  8. [​IMG]

    It is actually closer to $7 million this year, mostly from online classes, which is not an exorbitant amount given her large audience. Consider for example J. K. Rowling's earnings top £3m a week.

    Even Carter and Senters of a certain popular online day trading "education" site made about $2 million last year, with a much smaller audience.

  9. Agree. I blame it partially on the dual income households. They sub-contract out parenting to the day cares and the kid only gets to see his parents for 2 hours per day. Cant really get any quality parenting done in that time. Then i love the excuse the parents give for doing this. They say "But I'm working like crazy for my kids so they can have all the stuff I didnt have."

    Like what? An x-box and an ipod?
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