Teacher ridicules student for wearing Romney T-shirt

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Clubber Lang, Oct 5, 2012.

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    Teacher are such trolls anymore. How can we get these damn unions out of government?
  2. Parents who get thier kids (under 18) involved in the political process should be charged with reckless endangerment. Fuck petitions, saving whales, helping the homless and raising money for planter wart research.

    Kids should be kids, spend time having unprotected sex, rockin roll and making "watch this" you tube videos. These are wholesome activities you can tell your grandchildren about if you make it that long.

    Yoou think your grankid will give a rats ass that you stood your ground on a lame ass RR t shirt to your math teacher. "Gee's grandma, you were a real wanker back in the day".
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    Teachers should keep political beliefs to themselves and not try to bully students over T-shirts.
  4. Yes and they should keep their religious beliefs to themselves also, if a teacher wants to pray he can damn well wait till he gets home to do it.
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  6. You know.....

    I thought the nuns were quite prejuidice in the day to day functions of teaching. But how would I know, I was just a kid and only knew what was put before me.

    Then I get to public school, I thought gees those nuns were quite one sided in what we learned compared to public school. But after high school, I realized, public school was quite prejuidiced also.

    Pick your poison.

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    That be pison. (long i)
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    Teachers: Some of the most overpaid people in the USA.
  9. I didn't know teachers made that much.
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